Terms of Service

To run these groups we lock ourselves into a range of running costs. As well as the facilitators, who commit themselves to the time and energy it takes to run a group. Canceling and rescheduling bookings has an impact on us.  Requests to cancel or reschedule must be sent via email to admin@thetherapytree.co.nz


Changing Group/Course: Participants who have paid and booked a place on a group/course may change to a scheduled similar group/course at no extra charge, where at least two business days notice is given prior to the group/course start date, via email to admin@thetherapytree.co.nz.


Cancellations: The Therapy Tree reserves the right to cancel any group/course for any reason. Fees are fully refundable for group/course canceled by us, however, The Therapy Tree will not be responsible for airfares, accommodation or any other associated costs incurred by participants.


Once the group start date has passed no refund will be given where the participant fails to attend session/s of the group/course.

Participants can choose to cancel their booking before the start date of the group.   Cancellation and a request for a refund needs to be sent via email to admin@thetherapytree.co.nz. Depending on the timeline to the course start date,  refunds are subject to different levels of refund, excluding GST as detailed below. If an email notification is received within a start date of:
- 15 or more days: full refund
- 8-14 days: 50% refund
- 7 days or less: 0% refund


Changes to covid lockdown levels may impact how the group can meet. If a group cannot meet face to face then the group will be postponed to when the group can meet under the lockdown rules. The group will not be canceled.