Group Therapy Wellington CBD.

The Therapy Tree provides a unique group approach to developing healthy and resilient mental wellness. Bringing together qualified and experienced Psychologists and Counsellors to deliver group therapy in the Wellington CBD.

What is Group Therapy?

Group Therapy is an evidence-based approach to developing resilient and healthy mental wellness. Popular in  Europe and America, in New Zealand outside of  Government institutions, professionally led group therapy has largely been unavailable.  The Therapy Tree seeks to change that by facilitating Professionally led, accessible and affordable mental health wellness groups in the Wellington CBD. Groups work. Join us. Let's make some changes.

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Why is The Therapy Tree different?

 Same day.

We respond to 98% of enquiries & applications  on the same business day. Wellington 2020 wait lists (pre-covid) for Counsellors & Psychologists ranged from weeks to months (see: Consumer Magazine)

Groups Work.

Peer reviewed research on groups show clear impact. Not only can groups help most people through difficult patches in their lives, group therapy tends to have similar outcomes to one-to-one therapy techniques.

Professional Facilitators.

All our group facilitators are either registered Counselors or Psychologists. With at least five years experience in delivering evidence based therapy.

Wallet Friendly.

Groups sessions of 1.5 hrs are priced at $50. Roughly a 1/3 of the cost of a one to one session with a Registered  Psychologist ($150-$200) or  Counsellor ($132) see: Consumer Magazine (2020).

Group Therapy

Join A Therapy Group in Wellington

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